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  • Gold Heart Quilters (GHQ) began its mission in 2018 to give love to individuals in need through the warmth of a quilt.  It is a 501(c)(3) organization that makes quilts for distribution to charities, hospitals, multiple organizations, and for community outreach events.

  • GHQ is a volunteer organization comprised of 45 individuals who enjoy sewing and quilting and wish to donate their time and skills by giving to others who are in need or less fortunate.  In this way, we are hoping to fulfill the dream laid on our hearts by God.

  • GHQ accepts donated notions, supplies, fabrics, and mechanically sound sewing machines, as well as monetary donations (e.g. cash, checks, Pay Pal, and Gift Cards).

    • 100% of all donated items are gratefully appreciated and use​d for the Gold Heart mission.

    • 100% of all monetary donations are used to purchase material and supplies.

  • GHQ, a non-profit organization began from the inspiration and feeling of God's love through the hands of a lady named, Debbie Goldshot, who enjoyed making quilts.  She wanted to take something she loved to do and apply it to enhance the lives of others.  She believed God put the vision of creating this organization in her heart and is extremely grateful for the opportunity, support, and love given to Gold Heart Quilters. 

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